Pump Sea Land

industrial, domestic and agricultural pumps

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Applications Sea Land

Sea-Land products are easy to use and they have high performances. Our pumps offer special additional features designedfor each use.

  1. Fountains and water plays
  2. Water distribution or circulation in civil systems
  3. Booster set
  4. Water jet washing systems
  5. Installation into industrial machines
  6. Cooling plant, air conditioning and circulating plants
  7. Deep wells
  8. Agricultural irrigation
  9. Small irrigation plants
  10. Dewatering flooded areas and pits
  11. Wastewater plants and septic tank
  12. Water circulation into industrial plants
  13. Filling water storage tanks
  14. Swimming pools and pools

Who Sea Land are?

Sea-Land S.r.l. since 1990, is committed to study, realize, industrialize and produce electric pumps.

The Company is a truly “Made in Italy” manufacturing excellence: excellence is what Sea Land wants to reach in every phase of its production.

Through an experienced team of engineers and technicians, all products are manufactured with maximum care, fromthe design to the final tests before their shipment to clients. Advanced technical features and manufacturing process guarantee high performance and reliability of the pumps. Innovation, customer satisfaction and reliability are primary aspects of Sea-Land.

Sea Land is recognized as a leading player in the industry, exporting its high quality pumps to more than 60 countries all over the world.


WRAS Certification

The WRAS certification guarantees the conformity of the product to the safety requirements in force in the United Kingdom for those products intended for use with drinking water. They are mandatory by law in order to be able to connect the equipment to the aqueduct network. The production process must instead guarantee that the product complies with the approved one.

All Sea Land products comply with the regulations shown below:

  1. Machinery Directory 2006/42/EC
  2. LowVoltage Directive 2014/35/EU
  3. Electromagnetic Compatibility directive (EMC) 2010/30/EU
  4. European Directive on the restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical
  5. equipment (RoHS) 2011/65 EU
  6. European Directive on the relating to the noise emission in the environment by equipment for
  7. use outdoors 2000/14/EC
  8. Energy Related Products (ERP) – Ecodesign 2009/125/EC
  9. Energy Using Products (EuP) 2005/32/EC Applicable Standards-Specifications:
  10. European Standard UNI EN 809:2009
  11. European Standard UNI EN ISO 12100:2010
  12. European Standard CEI EN 60335-1:2013-05
  13. European Standard UNI EN ISO 3744: 2010
  14. European Standard CEI EN 60335-2-41 : 2005-03
  15. European Standard CEI EN 60335-2-41/A2:2010-11 EU Reg. 640/2009
  16. European Standard UNI EN ISO 9906 :2012
  17. European Standard UNI EN ISO 2858:2011 EU Reg. 547/2012
  18. European Standard UNI EN ISO 20361 :2009
  19. European Standard CEI EN 50106 :2010-02
  20. European Standard CEI EN 60034-1:2011-03
  21. European Standard CEI EN 60034-2-1:2015-1
  22. European Standard UNI EN ISO 9001:2008