Wastewater – Pump DV 25-30-40

The submersible electric wastewater pumps with non-clog vortex impeller of the series DV have been designed to pump waste water, chemically not aggressive for the pumps’ material. also with suspended solids with a max.:

  • Ø 63mm for DV25
  • Ø 78mm for DV30
  • Ø 88 for DV40
  • Temperature not higher than 35 °C (CEI EN 60335-2-41).



  1. Motor body: cast iron G25 with anti-corrosive coating
  2. Pump body: cast iron G25 with anti-corrosive coating
  3. Impeller: vortex impeller in cast iron G25 with anti-corrosive coating
  4. Pump shaft: stainless steel Aisi 420
  5. Mechanical seal pump side: silicon carbide-silicon carbide
  6. Mechanical seal motor side: alumina – carbon
  7. Threaded counter flange: galvanized steel complete with EPDM gaskets
  8. Feeding cable: 10 m in Neoprene H07RN-F

MOTOR pump DV 25-30-40

  • Two or four poles induction rewindable motor with protection IP 68, class F insulation
  • Compulsory three-phase feeding protection with DOL starting is to be supplied by the user
  • Continuous duty within the range areas and if completely submerged.


  • Seal probe to detect water ingress into oil chamber.
  • Electric power cable for star-delta starting.
  • Coupling foot and rapid guide rails device.