Single Stage, End Suction, Centrifugal Volute Pumps SPLT

  • Single stage, axially split casing, doublesuction pumps.
  • Double entry radial impeller has  hydraulic thrust compensation.
  • Suction and discharge flanges are along the same line.
  • Upper body is lighter than the lower body and joins it in such a way that it is easily assembled.
  • Double suction pumps have the advantage of low NPSH (net positive suction head) features.
  • The pump has two different types:
  • SPLT – Long type: heavy service type. Is suitable for soft gasket application and the use of a mechanical seal is optional.”
  • The pump and the motor are connected by means of a flexible coupling on a common shaft. Diesel motor capable.
  • SPLT-V pumps are manufactured with mechanical seal
  • In SPLT-V pumps are placed on the Robust and reliable pump base, manufactured with welding construction.

TECHNICAL specifications pump SPLT

Suction FlangeDN 80… DN 500
Discharge FlangeDN 65…DN 500
Working Pressure16 – 20 Bar
Ambient Temperature -10 – 110 °C
Speed Range960 – 3500 rpm
Flow Range30 – 4000 m³ / h
Head Range15 – 160 m


  1. Water supply and booster stations.
  2. Water purification processes.
  3. Industrial washing.
  4. Fire fighting systems.
  5. Industrial and public applications.
  6. Marine and metallurgy sectors, power plants.
  7. Agricultural irrigation systems.
  8. General application in refineries

Bearings pump SPLT

For pump groups A, B and C, there are ball bearings at the both dead and drive end of the pump. For pump groups D, E and F, a cylindrical roller bearing is installed at the drive end of the pump and there is a ball bearing at the dead end of the pump.

Pumped Liquids Pump SPLT

Thin, clean, non-aggressive and non-explosive liquids free from large solid particles or fibers. For special applications, please consult to MAS DAF MAKİNA SAN. A.Ş

Shaft Seal pump SPLT

  • Uncooled soft packed stuffing box with lantern ring is essential for the long shaft design.
  • There is a leakage setting device on the washing water line of packing.
  • Different types of mechanical seals are available on the long or short shaft design pumps