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Mechanical Seal

Selling all kinds of mechanical seals

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Reference for selling all types of

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Pumptek has always tried to meet all the needs of its users in the fastest possible time and is always by the side of customers to provide the best for them.
We always try to provide all pumps to customers according to their various needs


This company produces various types of centrifugal, linear, industrial, class, agricultural and booster pumps

Mechanical seal

The company not only focuses on sales, but also seeks to ease the minds of customers by collecting a variety of mechanical seals, which is one of the most consumed and essential parts in pumps.


This company has been able to provide all kinds of electric motors in different powers and with different powers depending on the needs of customers from all over the world and we are ready to provide them to customers.


Providing after-sales service and providing more and more services to users has always been and will be one of our main goals. This company is able to provide all Spares & Spare Parts for all pumps.