Engines IE 5 MOTOR

Sea-Land offers a new range of electric pumps equipped with IE5 motors that besides respecting the environment, guarantee maximum performance and maximum efficiency.

IE5 motors have efficiencies above 92% and they are much more performing than traditional asynchronous motors.



  1. Efficiency increased up to 5% compared to traditional asynchronous motor;
  2. Offer up to 50% less energy loss and significantly lower energy consumption than traditional IE2 motors.
  3. Efficiency increased during the restarts thanks to the speed/inverter regulation;
  4. Accurate control of speed and engine torque;
  5. Environmental sustainability due to the absence of “rare-earth metals” use;
  6. No direct start therefore no power losses during the start (DOL);
  7. “Robust” components;
  8. Low operating temperature therefore longer life especially for bearings;
  9. Low running noise, therefore better working environment conditions;
  10. Perfect for retrofit;
  11. Easier maintenance due to the absence of magnet