TEAM PRESS (TP) are pressure booster sets with more than one pump and with automatic duty controlled by a special control panel connected to pressure switches.

The automatic pressure booster sets “Team Press” besides the pumps are consisting of:

  • Control panel connected to the pressure switches
  • Base frame
  • Suction manifold (excluding the booster sets with electric pump type “CN 65”).
  • Check valve, ball valve and connection for possible air feedings in suction to each pump (excluding the booster sets with electric pump type “CN 65”)
  • Outlet manifold with connections for eventual vertical pressure tanks
  • Outlet ball valve on each pump
  • Pressure gauge/
  • Delta starting 400 V / 50 Hz for pumps over than 7,5kW


Employ Booster TEAM PRESS 2

The automatic pressurization groups of
TEAM series were designed to keep
constantly under pressure small or medium
civil, industrial or irrigation water systems.
They are supplied already assembled and ready for
It is possible to choose the most solution
suitable for the needs of the system, through
the selection of the electric pump based on the
flow rate and work curve; and also
You can choose the group according to
characteristics of the same. It’s important
remember that the pressurization group
must be sized according to the
amount of water and the required pressure

Residential buildings  Booster TEAM PRESS 2

The main elements for the calculation of the water needs are:

  • consumption for each type of supply
    (table 1)
  • the number of users (table 2)
  • the factor of contemporaneity:
    the maximum theoretical requirement is given by the sum of the flow rates by type of delivery of an apartment and by the number of them.

In practice, it is verified that only a part of the users are used at the same time. The contemporaneity factor allows to define the maximum effective flow rate that can be requested by the users.

Non-residential buildings TEAM PRESS 2

For the calculation of the requirement, we take in
consider the following buildings:

  • offices
  • shopping centers
  • hospital facilities
  • hotel