Features mechanical seal rotechseal

  • Gas-lubricated
  • Uni- or bi-directional
  • Ready-to-fit cartridge unit
  • Available for all seal arrangements: single, double, tandem
  • Based on proven DGS or PDGS design
  • Separation seals as labyrinths, carbon rings or CobaSeal optional

Advantages mechanical seal rotechseal

  • “Smart Labyrinth”
  • DiamondFace-coating
  • Self-cleaning 3D gas grooves
  • Soft torque transmission
  • Debris resistant dynamic sealing element
  • Leakage optimization

Operating range mechanical seal rotechseal

  • Shaft diameter:
    d = up to 410 mm (16.14″)
  • Pressure:
    p = up to 450 bar (6,525 PSI) and more
  • Design-temperature:
    t = -200 °C … +230 °C (-328 °F … +446 °F)
  • Sliding velocity:
    vg = up to 227 m/s (744 ft/s)

Project specific special designs possible

Materials mechanical seal rotechseal

  • Seal face: Silicon carbide with DLC- or DiamondFace-coating
  • Seat: Silicon carbide with DLC- or DiamondFace-coating
  • Secondary seals: PTFE or FKM
  • Metal parts: 1.4006, 1.4313-QT650, 1.4418, 1.4542, Inconel® or other stainless steels
APrimary seal gas supply
BPrimary vent
CSecondary seal gas supply
SSecondary vent
DSeparation gas supply


1Seal face, stationary
 Feature option: primary seal face with DiamondFace-coating
2Seat, rotating
 Feature option: primary seat with DiamondFace-coating
3Thrust ring
4Shaft sleeve
5Adapter sleeve
6Housing (size matched to installation space)
7Separation seal (CobaSeal)
9Feature option: “smart labyrinth”
10Feature option: “soft torque”
11Feature option: debris resistant dynamic sealing element


Recommended applications seal rotechseal Burgmann

  • Oil and gas industry
  • Refining technology
  • Petrochemical industry
  • Applications with upstream gas treatment (glycol)
  • Hydrocarbon gas
  • Ammonia
  • Nitrogen

All types of compressors