• “Gear-within a gear” principle has only two moving parts. It is the secret of dependable, efficient operation of all positive displacement gear pumps.
  • Liquids to be pumped by the gear pump must be clean rather than liquids to be pump by the other pump types. Thus, performance of the gear pump is provided to rise to the highest point.
  • Positive displacement of liquid is achieved by filling the gap between the rotor and teeth of idler gear.
  • Sealing is provided by soft packing or mechanical seals.
  • Crescent-shaped piece on the pump cover acts as a seal (gasket) between the suction and discharge mouth by splitting the liquid

TECHNICAL specifications pump YKF

Flow Range1 -200 m³/h
Head Range30 – 90 m
Speed1 – 1500 rpm
Operating Pressure0 – 10 bar
Working Pressure0 – 200 °C
viscosity100 – 250000 SSU


  1. Fuel Oil Service Tanks, Gas Oil, Diesel-fuel
  2. Tanks.
  3. On a small scale hot oil circulations
  4. Half viscose liquids of industry are on pumping
  5. Process
  6. Medicine, Chemistry and Detergent Industry
  7. Food Industry

Mechanical Seal pump YKF

  • The mechanical seals not operator necessitate maintenance unless there is a visible leakage. However, the tightness of the mechanical seals should be checked regularly.
  •  In the pumps where mechanical seal is used, follow instructions of the mechanical seal manufacturer, and never operate the mechanical seal dry.

Micrometric Drum Adjustment pump YKF

Loosen completely the allen-headed bolt placed horizontally on the drum. Remove the clawed drum-locking pin at the bottom of the drum with a screwdriver, push inside as seen in the figure and turn it 180°C so that the pin claw faces downward. Now the pump drum is ready to be adjusted for the intended purpose. You can turn the drum to the right (so as to decrease the gaps) or to the left (so as to increase the gaps) with a pinned spanner. (Figure 15.)
When the adjustment is completed, lock the locking pin to its corresponding location and tighten the bolt you have loosened. There are four-canalled nuts passed in the shaft in front of the drum and a locking sheet under the nut.
When making the drum adjustment, never meddle with the mentioned nut.
When there is corrosion on the pump body, there is no need for repairing the pump body. When you replace the part that we call intermediate body, you renew the body completely. Provided that it is not broken, you can use the part called as console as long as you wish