DESIGN Pumps 2HM – 2VM

  • Twin-screw pump can transfer liquids that are not solid or high viscosity like paste, used in many different fields.


  • The twin screw pumps with a very wide range of applications provide to transfer fluids containing gas, and various liquids as reliable without the risk of corrosion or lubrication.

  • The pump casing has enough medium without working, because the inlet and outlet casing of the pump adopt special design. This allows having a good self-priming performance of the pump and water in the inlet line is discharged quickly.

  • In case of high pressure, fluid is directed from the discharge side to the suction side in order to reduce driving torque of the pump thanks to the special design the by-pass valve on the pump.

TECHNICAL specifications pump 2HM – 2VM

Flow Range: 0 – 2500 m3/h
Manometric Height Range: 0 – 600 m
Motor Speed ​​Range: 1000 – 3600 d/dk
Operating pressure: 0 – 60 bar
Operating temperature: -30 – 300 °C
Viscosity: 0,5 – 100 mm2/s


  1. Oil Industry: Transfer pump for various lubricating oil, crude oil, residual oil, heavy oil, pitch, diesel oil, gasoline etc.
  2. Ship Building: Transfer pump for various light or heavy fuel oil, waster oil, dirty oil and sludge, oily sludge in cabin bottom, also as pressure boost pump and ballast pump.
  3. Chemical Industry: Transfer various acid, alkali and salt solution, resin, glycerin paraffin wax, and cosmetics emulsion, also as bottle filling pump.
  4. Paint Industry: Deliver printing ink, color, various paint and coating.
  5. Transfer Industry: Loading and unloading oil goods for oil pool and tanker.


Synchronous gear with individually lubrication transfer torque form power screw to idler screw, for assuring without constant and without kinetic deliver between transfer elements. So that transfer element has high reliability when it transfers various mediums, at the same time the pump doesn’t damage when it works without oil in a short time.
• Specially designed hydraulic structure provides non-impact fluid transfer by driving the shaft from suction side to the discharge side.
• The pump casings of twin screw pump can choice different constructions, so that it can transfer different medium under different temperature.