• MDP Series submerged wastewater pumps can transmit solid and fibrous particles easily by optional impeller and volute casing designs.
  • Their impellers are balanced dynamically according to ISO 1940/1- 6.3
  • For radial loads, bearing are made at the pump inlet.
  • Extra intermediate bearings are used to make shaft construction more rigid as pipe length increases. The steel column, which protects the shaft from external factors, is protected by mechanical seal on the pump to prevent the liquid reach to bearings and surface of the shaft

TECHNICAL specifications pump MDP

Suction FlangeDN 50… DN 400
Discharge FlangeDN 32…DN 350
Operating Pressure10 Bar
Casing Test Pressure13 Bar
Working Temperature-25 – 130°C 
Impeller Dia.160…500 mm ø
Speed Range1000 – 3600 rpm
Flow Range5 – 3500 m³ / h
Head Range4 – 105 m


  1. Industrial process
  2. Industrial sump wastes
  3. Chemical Liquids
  4. Refining plants
  5. Casting centrals
  6. Coal thermic centrals
  7. Iron and steel industry
  8. Petro-chemical industry
  9. Wastewater, oil, and mud pumping
  10. Clean water
  11. Liquids containing sludge, fibrous and solid particles

Bearings pump MDP

Axial bearing is provided with single row ball bearing (6300 type) with grease lubricated. Through mounted to shaft, all axial thrust and also some radial load are carried. Spacer bearings (1200 type) can use to provide more rigid structure for the shaft. All contact surfaces are machined precisely

Shaft Seal pump MDP

In standard manufacturing, shaft sealing is provided with mechanical seal

Shaft Seal pump MDP

In Standard design, one-piece shaft is used to provide parallelism.
Shaft surface is machined precisely and it is cleared to prevent the vibration of the shaft and to reduce the collapse of the shaft.
In all series, standard bearing lenght provide shaft to be kept below the first critical speed.