End Suction Monoblock Centrifugal Pumps NMM

  • NMM Series are volute, single stage, end suction mono-block type centrifugal pumps. It is produced with closed impellers and mechanical seals as standard.
  • Main dimensions and nominal flow rates are in accordance with the values recommended in DIN 24255 and EN 733.
  • Flanges are in PN 16 pressure class in accordance with ISO 7005-2, DIN 2533 standards.
  • Through the axial force wear ring and balancing holes acting on the impeller.
  • The motor and the pump are two separate units, so, there are two separate shafts. The motor shaft is manufactured as a fitting to the pump shaft. However, for motors above a certain power, the pump and motor shaft are connected by a separate coupling.

TECHNICAL specifications pump NMM

Suction FlangeDN 50… DN 150
Discharge FlangeDN 32…DN 125
Operating Pressure10 Bar
Casing Test Pressure13 Bar
Working Temperature-25 – 120°C 
Impeller Dia.123…428 mm ø
Speed Range1450 – 2900 rpm
Flow Range5 – 400 m³ / h
Head Range4 – 110 m


  1. Transfer of corrosive, explosive, burnable, toxic, valuable, volatile and hot liquids.
  2. Chemical and petrochemical industries
  3.  Detergents known as dangerous fluid in food facilities
  4. Harmful gas cleaning systems
  5. Biodiesel facilities
  6. Heating and cooling systems
  7. Power stations
  8. Solar energy systems
  9. Medical industries
  10. Electrostatic applications of powdered paint
  11. Cooling systems of carbon arc furnace

Driver pump NMM

B5 flanged, IP 55 and according to IEC electric motors are used for NMM series pumps. 50 Hz and 60 Hz can be used.

Pump Flanges NMM

  • Discharge Flanges : DIN 2533 – PN 16
  • Suction Flanges : DIN 2533 – PN 16
    250, 350, 400DIN 2532 PN 10


Maintenance-repair operations have become quite easy thanks to the back pull-out design. The use of common components has been effectively implemented while designing the NMM series so that a significant improvement in stock control and delivery time is provided. Standard asynchronous motors are used for the drive. Its zero-shaft leakage is provided with a mechanical seal. All radial and axial forces are carried by the motor bearings.

Shaft Seal pump NMM

Single mechanical seal, flushed by pumped liquid, uncooled, unbalanced, heavy duty and rubber bellows mechanical seals are used for sealing. On the series production, BURGMANN MG1 type mech. seals are used for operation pressures up to 10 bar and for clean, non-aggressive liquids. Different types are available for harder operation conditions. Please refer to MAS DAF MAKİNA SAN. A.Ş