Design Pumps KMEV

  • The KME Pump is a horizontal axis, radially split, ring section design multistage centrifugal pump of non-self priming type.
  • Impellers are between bearings, single entry, closed type and dynamically balanced. Impeller diameter will be corrected for optimal adherence to the required duty point.
  • For balancing the axial thrust, all impellers have back wear rings. For high pressure, balance disc application is used.
  • The pump series consists of 5 sizes. KME 80, 100, 125, 150 and 200. Stages are from 2 up to max. 15 stages.
  • Pump and motor are fitted on a common base plate and connected to each other via flexible coupling.
  • Normally, discharge part is at motor side on the top and suction part is at dead end side on the left viewed from driver.
  • Suction and discharge nozzles may be a choice of three 90° positions. By special request, it is possible to put the suction nozzle at the motor side. In this arrangement pump and motor rotation must be counter clockwise

TECHNICAL specifications pump KMEV

Suction Flange DN 100…DN 250 (PN 16)
Discharge Flange DN 80…DN 200  (PN 40)
Working Pressure  40 Bar (Max)
Speed  1450 -1750 rpm (for KME 80 3000-3600 rpm)
Stage Number  2 – 15
Flow Range 30 – 800 m³ / h
Head Range 30 – 500 m
Please consult to MAS DAF MAKİNA SAN. A.Ş. For 300-500 m


For pumping of clear and slightly contaminated liquids in:  
  1. Water supply systems, Booster sets in high rise buildings and industry,
  2. Water treatment,
  3. Industrial washdown systems,
  4. Fire extinguishing plants,
  5. Boiler feed and condensate transfer,
  6. Sanitary and cleaning installations,
  7. For industrial applications and public services,
  8. Water distribution services,
  9. Industrial applications,
  10. Shipbuilding, Mining, Power Stations, Filter Units,
  11. Irrigation plants,
  12. Central heating systems.

Bearings pump KMEV

  • On both ends, bearing houses equipped with grease lubricated anti-friction bearings.
  • On the suction side, double row angular contact ball bearings are used (3300 Series).
  • At the discharge side, there are cylindrical roller bearings (NU 300 Series).
  • Deflectors and lip seals on the shaft prevent leakage fluid from getting into bracket.

Shaft Seal pump KMEV

Chromium steel (AISI 420) fine grained shafts are used on KME pumps. There is no big diameter difference along the shaft and it is possible and very easy to dismantling the pump beginning from suction or discharge ends.

Shaft Seal pump KMEV

  • Pumps are supplied as standard, conventional packed glands.
  • Lantern rings are used on both sides for water sealing.
  • At the sealing section of the pump, shaft is protected by hard chromium plated sleeves.
  • On the discharge side, special high pressure packing and bushes for dropping pressure are used.
  • Uncooled stuffing box is standard (Up to 90 °C).
  • Uncooled mechanical seal is optional (Up to 90 °C).
  • Water cooled stuffing box or mechanical seal is optional (90 °C – 140 °C).
  • Double-acting and cartridge seals are upon request