DESIGN Pumps Hexa

  • Hexa series consist of vertical, staged pumps.
  • All parts which come into contact with water are made of stainless steel.
  • Suction and discharge flanges are along the same axis.
  • Simple body and perfect balance provides for low noise and vibration.
  • Mechanical seal is completely leakage proof.
  • Body, impeller and shaft are stainless steel.
  • Energy savings with frequency control devices.
  • High performance, safe operation, easy maintenance.

TECHNICAL specifications pump Hexa

Suction FlangeDN 32-DN 100
Discharge FlangeDN 32-DN 100
Flow Range2-110 m3/h
Head (max)30 bar
Speed Range2900-3600 rpm
Ambient TemperatureUp to +40°C
Fluid TemperatureFrom -15°C to +120°C



  1.  Apartments and residences.
  2. Schools, business centers and small industrial installations.
  3. Demineralized water systems

Motor pump Hexa

  • Full-enclosed air-blast two-pole standard motor
  • Protection class : IP55
  • Insulation class : F
  • Standard voltage : 50 Hz; 1 x 220-230 / 240V
    • 3 x 220-240 / 380-415V
    • 3 x 380-415V

Operation Conditions pump Hexa

  • Thin, clean, non-flammable and non-explosive liquid containing no solid, granules and fibers.
  • Liquid temperature:
    • Normal temperature type: -15 °C ~ +70 °C,
    • Hot water type: +70 °C ~ +120 °C
  • Ambient temperature: Up to +40 °C
  • Altitude: Up to 1000 m

Pump Hexa

HEXA is a kind of vertical non-self priming multistage centrifugal pump, which is driven by a standard electric motor. The motor output shaft directly connects with the pump shaft through a coupling. The pressure-resistant cylinder and flow passage components are fixed between pump head and inlet & outlet section with stay bolts. The inlet and outlet are located at the pump bottom at the same plane. This kind of pump can be equipped with an intelligent protector to effectively prevent it from dryrunning, out-of-phase and overload.