Design Pumps OMKV

  • The OMK-V Pump is a vertical axis, radially split, ring section design multistage centrifugal pump of non-self priming type.
  • Impellers are between bearings, single entry, closed type and dynamically balanced. Impeller diameter will be corrected for optimal adherence to the required duty point.
  • The axial thrust is relieved by relieving boreholes in each impeller. The remaining thrust can be borne by large-sized bearings.
  • Pumps with exchangeable wear rings are available upon request.
  • The pump series consists of 5 sizes.
  • Pump and motor are fitted on a common base plate and connected to each other via flexible coupling.
  • Normally, discharge part is at motor side on top and suction part is at dead end side at the bottom. Rotation of pump is clockwise when viewed from driver.
  • Please see the possible arrangements at “Different Mounting Arrangements “section.

TECHNICAL specifications pump OMKV

Suction FlangeDN 50…DN 125 (PN 40)
  (DIN 2535)
Discharge FlangeDN 32…DN 80 (PN 40)
  (DIN 2535)
Operating Pressure40 Bar
Stage Number2 – 14
Flow Range5 – 220 m³ / h
Head Range30 – 400 m


  1. For pumping of clear and slightly contaminated liquids in:
  2. Water supply systems.
  3. Booster sets in high rise buildings and industry.
  4. Water treatment.
  5. Industrial washdown systems.
  6. Boiler feed and condensate transfer.
  7. Sanitary and cleaning installations.
  8. For industrial applications and public services.
  9. Water distribution services.
  10. Shipyard, mining, energy plants,
  11. Irrigation systems.
  12. Fire extinguishing plants.

Bearings pump OMKV

  • On both ends, bearing houses equipped with grease lubricated heavy duty ball bearings.
  • Bearing at the suction side is fixed. Extra axial load is carried by this bearing.
  • Discharge side bearing is free at the axial direction and it carries only radial load.
  • Throwers and lip seals on the shaft prevent leakage fluid from getting into bracket

Driver Pump OMKV

Common electric motors according to IEC. Also, OMK series can be driven by combustion engines or turbines

Shaft Seal pump OMKV

  • Uncooled gland packing is standard (Up to 110 °C).
  • Standardized, single acting, balanced and uncooled mechanical seal is optional (Up to 140 °C).
  • Double-acting and cartridge seals are upon request.

Shaft Coupling and Coupling Guard pump OMKV

Connection of pump with driver unit by flexible coupling without intermediate bushing. A coupling guard will be included if the scope of supply includes pump, base frame and coupling.


  • Flanges are acc. to DIN 2535. Flanges acc. to BS or ANSI are upon request.
  • Normally, discharge part is at motor side on top, suction part is at dead end side on the right and rotation of direction is clockwise when viewed from driver.
  • Suction and discharge nozzles may be a choice of three 90° positions. By special request, it is possible to put the suction nozzle at the motor side. In this arrangement pump and motor rotation must be counter clockwise.
    Please see the possible arrangements at “Different Mounting Arrangements” section.