Double-Suction Pumps CSV

  • CSV series double-suction vertical in-line centrifugal pumps are equipped with standard motors and mechanical seals.
  • The impellers of CSV type pumps are (full) radial, double-sloped (Francis type) or mixed flow types.
  • Bearing is provided with two grease lubricated, 6300 C3-type deep groove ball bearings according to DIN 625.
  • TEFC (Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled) 3 phase, squirrel caged, in accordance to DIN 42673, IM 2001B35 type (with flange)electrical motor which complies with DIN IEC and VDE is used to drive the pump in proper speed and power.
  • CSV series are used successfully in large-capacity water transfer in tight spaces thanks to their compact structure, highly efficient construction and the impeller geometry

TECHNICAL specifications pump CSV

Flow Range 400 – 2200 m3/h
Head Range10 – 60 m
Operating Pressure10 bar
Speed Range730 – 1800 rpm
Suction FlangeDN 300-400 (PN 10)
Discharge FlangeDN 250-350 (PN 10)
Fluid TemperatureUp to 80 oCr


  1. As ballast pump in ships
  2. As cooling water pump
  3. As general service pump
  4. For water transfer
  5. For filling and discharging stores and tanks
  6. In industrial and social facilities

Standard Material Properties and Options pump CSV

  • Casing: GG25, (Optional GGG40, bronze, stainless steel)
  • Impeller: Brass MS 58 (Optional stainless steel)
  • Wearing Ring: Bronze (Optional stainless steel)
  • Pump Shaft: AISI 420
  • Seal: Mechanical sea