About Pump OPTIMA

AISI 304 stainless steel submersible pump with mechanical seal in oil bath and oversized oil chamber. Possibility of fixed or mobile installation and suitable for domestic applications and large industrial drainage installations


  • Sturdy design, corrosion resistant
  • Possibility to use in fixed and mobile installations
  • Practical and easy to use

description Pump OPTIMA

AISI 304 stainless steel submersible pump with mechanical seal in oil bath and oversized oil chamber. These features make the pump reliable, durable and corrosion-resistant.
The OPTIMA electric pump has a great versatility of installation (fixed or mobile) due to the possibility of choosing between the vertical magnetic float switch (of reduced size) or the float switch.
These solutions also allow you to choose the best pump insertion option according to the space available.

For further technical information see the Databook

  • Emptying of wells, cellars, garages or basements, tanks or reservoirs
  • Use for irrigating gardens and vegetable plots and for supplying water to classic garden fountains

Overview of technical data OPTIMA

Flow ratefrom 1.2 to 9 m³/h
Total headFrom 1.5 to 7.6 m
Max. temperature of the liquid+50°C
Max. solids passage10 mm
Insulation classF
Protection degreeIP68
VoltageSingle phase 1 ~ 230V ± 10%
Max. immersion5 m with 10 m cable
2 m with 5 m cable

Material Pump OPTIMA

Pump bodyAISI 304 (EN 1.4301)
ImpellerPPE + PS reinforced with glass fibres
ShaftStainless steel AISI 303 (EN 1.4305) (part in contact with liquid)
Mechanical sealCeramic/Carbon/NBR (mechanical seal)
QQV Silicon Carbide/FPM (special mechanical seal)
NBR (lip seal)



The specifications below qualify the curves shown on the following pages.
Tolerances according to ISO 9906:2012 – Grade 3B
The curves refer to effective speed of asynchronous motors at 50 Hz, 2 poles.
Measurements were carried out with clean water at 20°C of temperature and with a kinematic viscosity
of ν = 1 mm2/s (1 cSt)
In order to avoid the risk of over-heating, the pumps should not be used at a flow rate below 10% of best efficiency point.

Symbols explanation:

Q = volume flow rate
H = total head


  • Total head from 1.5 to 7.6 m
  • Capacity from 1.2 to 9 m3/h
  • Maximum immersion 5 m
  • Maximum liquid temperature 50°C
  • Maximum solid size passage 10 mm

Submersible pumps in AISI 304

Submersible electric pump for clear water with AISI 304 stainless steel hydraulics.
Pump body, intake grille, seal holder disc and motor casing are in AISI 304.
Impeller in PPE + PS reinforced with glass fibres and shaft in AISI 303.
The mechanical seal is standard (Ceramic/Carbon/NBR)
– MA version (fig.1) with float
– MS version (fig.3) with MS vertical magnetic float with reduced dimensions for clean water


  • 1″¼ hose connector and relative hose clamp (optional)
  • Minimum suction device up to 3 mm (fig. 2)
[kw][HP]l/min 0205075100125150
m/h 01.234.567.59
H=Total head
Oprima MA0.250.337.676.