About Pump DAR

Submersible pump with vortex or dual-channel hydraulics and impeller, also available with float switch. The main feature is the large free passage which can be 50 or 65 mm depending on the model. Suitable for handling sewage for domestic and industrial use


  • Vortex impeller
  • Dual-channel open impeller

description Pump DAR

Submersible pump with vortex or dual-channel hydraulics and impeller, also available with float switch. Its peculiarity is the wide free passage, which is the same as the discharge diameter, which can be 50 or 65 mm depending on the model.
Piping connections are:

  •  threaded 50DAR
  •  flanged 65DAR

Continuing the tradition and the importance that EBARA gives to the pump’s lifespan, the mechanical seals and the motor are in oil bath which allow cooling and better lubrication of the bearings.
Supplied with standard 10-metre cable.

For further technical information see the Databook

  • Emptying of cesspits, soiled liquids collection pits and settling pits
  • Pumping of soiled liquids with suspended solids
  • Pumping of soiled liquids in domestic and industrial environments ideal for installation in domestic and residential lifting stations

Overview of technical data DAR

Flow rateUp to 42 m³/h
Total headUp to 10 m
Max. temperature of the liquid+ 25°C partially submerged pump
+ 35°C totally submerged pump
Max. solids passage50 – 65mm
Insulation classF
Protection degreeIPX8
VoltageSingle-phase 1~230V ± 10%
Three-phase 3~400V ±10%
Max. immersion7 m with 10 m cable

Material Pump DAR

Pump bodyCast iron
ImpellerAISI 304 (EN 1.4301)
ShaftStainless steel AISI 316 (EN 1.4401)
Mechanical seal50DAR:
Impeller side: Graphite/Ceramic
Motor side: NBR sealing ring
Impeller side: Silicon Carbide/Ceramic
Motor side: NBR sealing ring

pump DAR


The specifications below qualify the curves shown on the following pages.
Tolerances according to ISO 9906 Annex A
The curves refer to effective speed of asynchronous motors at 50 Hz
Measurements were carried out with clean water at 20°C of temperature and with a kinematic viscosity
of  = 1 mm2/s (1 cSt)
In order to avoid the risk of over-heating, the pumps should not be used at a flow rate below 10% of best
efficiency point.

Symbols explanation:
Q = volume flow rate
H = total head

Submersible pumps for wastewater dual-channel or vortex impeller
Submersible electric pumps with vortex and dual-channel impeller, for sewage applications.
Suitable for handling liquids containing solid and/or filamentary substances in suspension and for
draining sewage water (sanitary fixtures). They are also recommended for draining cesspits and
discharging into the sewer.
Mechanical seals in Graphite/Ceramic/NBR (impeller side) e NBR seal ring (motor side) for 50DAR, in
Silicium Carbide/Ceramic/NBR (impeller side) NBR seal ring (motor side)


  • Total Head from 3,2 toa 15 m per 50DAR
    from 2 to 12,5 m per 65DAR
  • Capacity from 3 to 42 m3/h per 50DAR
    from 3 to 54 m3/h per 65DAR
  • Maximum immersion 7 m
  • Maximum liquid temperature:
    25°C partially submersed pump
    35°C totally submersed pump
  • Maximum solid size passage: 50-65 mm


The DAR electric pumps are also available with a float switch, thus increasing the versatility of use. The choice of the use of the float switch requires the respecting of minimum installation spaces to guarantee correct operation of the pump itself