DESIGN Booster Pump MultiDAF

Single and Multi Pump Unit Boosters

  • In MultiDAF series booster sets, DF type pumps are used.
  • DAF series pumps is a vertical axis, ring section design multistage centrifugal pump of non-self priming type. They have an impeller made of noryl material and they are driven with a standard electric motor.
  • Pump and motor are connected to each other via rigid coupling.
    • The pressure-resistant casing and the components which fluid is flowing through are anchored by using casing studs between top side and bottom side of the pump.
  • While suction nozzle is located bottom side of the pump, discharge nozzle is located top side of the pump.
  • When viewed from driver side, rotation of direction is clockwise

TECHNICAL specifications Booster Pump MultiDAF

Flow Range 4x(2 – 60) m3/h
Head Range 20 – 150 m
Operating Pressure 16 Bar (Max.)
Working Temperature 0 – 60°C
Speed 2900 rpm


  1. For pumping of thin, clean, non-aggressive and non-explosive
    liquids free from solid particles and fibres in:
  2.  Water supply systems,
  3. Booster sets in high rise buildings and industry,
  4. Water treatment systems,
  5. Industrial facilities for process water,
  6. Sanitary and cleaning installations,
  7. Irrigation plants,
  8. Fire extinguishing plants

Performance Information Booster Pump MultiDAF

Actual performance of the pump can be obtained from the order page and/or from the test report. This information is given on the pump label. The performance curves given in the catalog are valid for water whose density and viscosity are ρ=1 kg/dm3 and ν=1 cst. respectively. For those liquids whose densities and viscosities are different from those of water, please consult with MAS DAF MAKINA SANAYI A.Ş. since the performance curves vary with density and viscosity


This manual contains main safety instructions for the installation, operation and maintenance. It must be read by the personnel who are responsible for installation and operation. This manual should always be kept near the installation location. It is important to comply with safety precautions stated in page 1 along with the general safety instructions as well as preventive measures repeated in other sections of this manual.