Main applications UPA 150C

  • Breweries
  • Fire fighting and sprinkler systems
  • Food and beverages
  • General Processes
  • Groundwaterlevel (mining/buildings)
  • Industry engineering
  • Irrigation
  • Lake, Damwater extraction
  • Lowering of the groundwater
  • Mining
  • Oil /Gas
  • Pressure boosting, fire fighting systems
  • Process
  • Storage in Caverns
  • Surface treatment
  • Water
  • Water Extraction
  • Water supply
  • Water transport
  • Watertransport

Design UPA 150C

All-stainless steel single-stage or multistage centrifugal pump in ring-section design for well diameters of 150 mm (6 inches) and above.

Application pump UPA 150C

Spray irrigation systems, irrigation systems, drawdown of groundwater levels, domestic water supply, fountains, heat pump systems, water supply systems

Overview of technical data UPA 150C

Q (50Hz)8.0 – 85.0 (m³/h)
H (50Hz)8.0 – 320.0 (m)
Barrel casingYes
Type of bearingPlain bearings
Borehole diameter (inc06
Casing partitionRadially split
Diffuser material (EN standard)PPO GF30
DriveElectric motor
Drive frequency50 Hz /60 Hz
Type of driveElectric motor
Drive voltageLow voltage
Connection to power supply< 1000 V, 3~
Type of first impellerRadial / Mixed flow
No. of impeller entriesSingle entry
Other impeller typesRadial / Mixed flow
Impeller material (EN standard)PPO GF30
Type of lubricationGrease / Product lubrication
Max. permissible fluid temperature50.0 (°C)
Maximum operating pressurePN 40
Shaft material (EN standard)1.4028, 1.4462
Stage casing material (EN standard)PPO GF30
Suction casing material (EN standard)CC 480K, CUSN10, GJL 250, JL 1040
Suction characteristicsNon-priming
Suitable for drinking waterYes
Type of connectionScrew-ended, flange
Type of stage casingStage casing with diffuser
Type of suction casingAnnular casing
Casing material (EN standard)1.4301, 1.4404, 1.4571, CC480K, JL1040
eClass assignment36410000, 36410100, 36410101, 36410106
Installation positionHorizontal or vertical
Shaft seal typeShaft seal ring, Mechanical seal
Casing materialCast iron, Chrome nickel steel, Stainless steel, Bronze, Chrome steel
Maximum discharge-side pressure36.0 (bar)
Maximum drive rating36.0 (kW)
Type of installationStationary
Maximum speed of rotation3500.0 (1/min)