Product Features Pump DOMO

  • Stainless steel design
  • Up to 50 mm free passage
  • Flow: up to 40 m³/h
  • Head: up to 14.5 m

DOMO series, stainless steel submersible pumps, are available with twin-channel or vortex impeller (DOMO VX). They are designed to handle suspended solids up to 50mm in diameter (35 mm for DOMO 7 and DOMO 7VX).

Four basic models with 0.55 (0.75 HP) to 1.5 kW (2HP) rated power.

Versions with or without float switch are available. DRIVELUB SEAL SYSTEM.


Application Pump domo

• Pumping of effluent (VX model handles also suspended filaments).
• Emptying of septic tanks and residential sumps.
• Draining of flooded basements and garages


• Maximum liquid temperature: 35°C with fully submerged pump.
• Dry motor.
• Power cord: H07RN-F
–single-phase: with plug.
–three-phase: without plug.

• Insulation class 155°C (F).
• IPX8 protection.
• Maximum immersion depth: 5 m.
• Versions:
–Single-phase: 220-240V, 50Hz 2 poles.
–Three-phase: 220-240V, 50Hz 2 poles.

380-415V, 50Hz 2 poles.
• Motor power:
–single-phase: 0,55 to 1,1 kW.
–three-phase: 0,55 to 1,5 kW.
• The single-phase versions


–pre-assembled float switch for automatic pump operation.
–built-in capacitor.
–thermal overload protection to stop pump supply in case of overheating.

• The DOMO 7 and DOMO 7VX
models feature:
–Rp 1“1/2 threaded delivery port (female gas).
–handling of liquids with suspended solids up to 35 mm in diameter.

technopolymer impeller (DOMO S7 and DOMO S7 VXmodels with stainless steel impeller
 are also available).
• The DOMO 10-15-20 and DOMO 10-15-20 VX models feature:
–Rp 2“ threaded delivery port female gas (can be turned into a flanged version if an optional accessory is installed).
–handling of liquids with suspended solids up to 50 mm in diameter.
–stainless steel twin-channel or vortex impeller.


• Watertight electric motor protected by multiple seal system with oil chamber. A V-ring and silicon carbide mechanical seal (extremely resistant to wear and abrasion), as well as a lip seal which is continuosly lubricated by the DRIVELUB system, provide an
extreme barrier against infiltration.