•  UKM – S series pumps are self-priming centrifugal pumps with
    upper suction flap.
  • Since they are self-priming pumps it is only necessary to
    place the end of the suction pipe into the liquid to be pumped.
  • A flexible coupling or a V-belt pulley can be used to start up
    the pump directly in the case of a Diesel or an electric motor.”
  • UKM – S series consists of 6 different types: 2”, 3”, 4”, 6”, 8”,
  • The impellers are two-vane, open type and can pump up to 76
    mm (3”) solid particles depending on the size of the pump.
  • The suction cover can be removed from the front, making it
    easy to reach the impeller. Any obstruction can be removed
    without touching the suction and discharge parts.

TECHNICAL specifications pump UKMS

Flow Range 50 – 730 m3/h
Head Range 4 – 40 m
Speed Range 650 – 2900 rpm
Suction Flange 2” – 10” (PN 10)
Discharge Flange 2” – 10” (PN 10)


  1. Pumping of residential and industrial crude sewage liquids.
  2. Sewage treatment insta llations.
  3. Pumping of liquids containing sludge and so lid particles..
  4. Pumping of waste water from factories.
  5. For use in all kinds of drainage and discharge systems

Bearings pump UKMS

Single Row Ball Bearings and Double Row Angular Contact Ball Bearings are used in sizes to withstand thrust and radial stresses. Oil bath lubrication system is used for bearings.

Drive pump UKMS

Common electric motors according to IEC (and NEMA) and combustion engines can be used to drive the pump.

Shaft Seal pump UKMS

For the shaft seal, the mechanical seal is used


The flap connected to the suction flange has been specially
designed so that is possible to clean or to remove and install
the flap without touching the suction system.
• The roller bearing (bearing bushing) is supported by the pump
body. There can be no problem in speed up.
• UKM series pumps are very easy to use because they are of
self-priming type. Once the suction pipe is placed into the
liquid the pump starts o function in one minute maximum
depending on the suction height.