Description pump POOL1

Electrical self priming pump for pools with large pre-filter which, together with its excellent hydraulic performance, gives a very large filtering capacity. Filter with a transparent, polycarbonate lid that easily allows inspection of the interior of the prefilter sieve. No possible electrical contact with the water as no part of the motor is open to it.

Self priming pump for pools with a large built-in pre-filter, which, together with the excellent hydraulic performance of the pump, generates a very high filtration capacity. The transparent polycarbonate lid easily allows inspection of the pre-filter sieve. Pump body, seal housing and diffuser reinforced with glass fibre polypropylene are resistant to chemical products used for pools and guarantee excellent duration

AISI 316 steel motor shaft
Motor shaft stainless steel AISI 316
Eje motor maple AISI 316
Arbre moteur acier AISI 316