• The pump is equipped with a fault and operation message (adjustable).
  • Pumps are designed to operate singly in installations requiring high safety. (Pump 1 or Pump 2). The other pump enters the circuit depending on the time or the failure of a pump.
  • Pump is suitable for cold water use.
  • Wear-free, precision flat bearings provide silent operation and extend the life of the pump.
  • The resistance to high temperatures of the bobin provides a long lifetime for the pump and allows high temperature fluid to be pumped.
  • Improved water intake ensures bearing lubrication in the rotor compartment and small pumps do not require air bleeding during operation.
  • An automatic pressure control saves for good measure on variable flows.


DESIGN Pumps AD ModulA-D

High Efficiency Twin Heating – Circulation Pumps

  • “EKO Design” marked MAS-DAF pumps provide up to 80% electricity savings. Old pumps replaced with ModulA pumps of MAS-DAF will soon pay for the cost.
  • MAS-DAF ModulA pumps are in the top category “Best in Class” with an EEI of ≤0,17. It offers energy efficiency of over 80% compared to the clasic non-controllable pumps being in efficiency class D.
  • With the Interface ModulA, your pump can be simply and optimally integrated into any building control system for both today’s and future needs. The remote adapter has Wi-Fi capability and allows wireless communication between smartphones and the pump.
  • ModulA heating circulation pumps provide a suitable solution for almost all performance categories and areas of use.
  • User-friendly pumps have simple and clear control buttons and lightened displays.
  • Optimum operating modes against various operating conditions (Control with proportional operating pressure (PP), Control with constant operating pressure (CP), Control with constant speed (CS)) can be easily adjusted via the control panel.
  • The pump is equipped with an internal electric motor protection and does not require external motor protection.