Main applications PHZ

  • Cooling water and condensate
  • Energy
  • Flood control
  • Heat transfer, Cooling circuits
  • Industry engineering
  • Lake, Damwater extraction
  • Nuclear Power Stations
  • Power Stations < 100 MW
  • Power Stations > 100 MW
  • Special processes
  • Turbine Island
  • Water
  • Water Extraction
  • Watertransport

Design PHZ

Vertical tubular casing pump with mixed flow propeller. Pump inlet with bellmouth or suction elbow, pull-out design available, discharge nozzle arranged above or below floor, flanges to DIN or ANSI standards available.

Application pump PHZ

Handling of raw, pure, service and cooling water in industry, water supply systems, in power stations and seawater desalination plants.

Drive pump PHZ

Normally the pump is direct driven by an electric motor. In case of low speed via a spur or planetary gear (optional)

Desing Details pump PHZ

Shaft Seal

Asbestos–free soft packing. The shaft has removable sleeves in the vicinity of the seal.


The shafts are connected with disc couplings. The connection between the pump and the motor is effected with a flexible or adjustable rigid coupling.

Nozzle Orientation

The discharge nozzle is located horizontally above or below the pumps foundation.


As per DIN (EN) or ASME (AWWA)

Overview of technical data PHZ

Q (50Hz)5,000.0 – 65,000.0 (m³/h)
H (50Hz)12.0 – 25.0 (m)
Type of bearingRolling element and plain bearings
Casing partitionRadially split
Drive frequency50 Hz /60 Hz
Type of driveElectric motor
Drive voltageLow voltage, high voltage
No. of impeller entriesSingle entry
Type of installationLong-coupled
Type of couplingGear, Direct
Type of lubricationOil / Product lubrication
Max. permissible fluid temperature80.0 (°C)
Maximum operating pressurePN 6, PN 9
Pump set locationDry installed, Wet well
Suction characteristicsNon-priming
Type of casingTubular casing
Type of impellerMixed flow impeller, Propeller
Type of connectionFlange
UNSPSC classification4015150300
eClass assignment36410000, 36410106, 36410100
Installation positionVertical
Shaft seal typeMechanical seal, Gland packing
Main applicationsEnergy
Casing materialDuplex steel, Chrome nickel steel, Carbon steel
Type of installationStationary
Maximum speed of rotation990.0 (1/min)