Split Seals | Dry-running Fully Split Mixer Seal


Features mechanical seal type 75fs

  • California Residents: PROPOSITION 65 WARNING
  • Ease of installation
  • No measuring to set the working height
  • Cap screws that can be loosened but do not fall out
  • Springs that do not fall out yet can be removed
  • Split O-rings that are easily installed; efficient installation plate provided
  • Dry or wet

Recommended Applications type 75fs

  • Mixer and agitators
  • Other rotating equipment

About Mechanical seal type 75fs

The Type 75FS dry- or wet-running fully split mechanical seal is designed specifically to eliminate process contamination and significantly reduce maintenance on larger types of equipment that previously could not accommodate mechanical shaft seals.

Design Features mechanical seal type 75fs

  • Heavy duty design accommodates high levels of shaft runout and angular deflection
  • Fully split design for ease of installation
  • No external lubrication required
  • Captive cap screws eliminate lost or dropped screws
  • Meets pharmaceutical and chemical processing standards
  • Optional debris well allows for easy flushing and sterilization during cleaning cycle (CIP and SIP)
  • Captive springs eliminate lost or dropped springs
  • Shoulder screws automatically set working height

Material mechanical seal type 75fs

  1. Primary Ring: Carbon
  2. Mating Ring: Ceramic
  3. Primary Ring Clamp Ring Assembly (clamp ring, tolerance ring, cap screw): Alloy 42, Alloy K-500, 316 SS (Note 2)
  4. Mating Ring Clamp Ring Assembly (clamp ring, tolerance ring, cap screw): Alloy 42, Alloy K-500, 316 SS (Note 2)
  5. Retainer Assembly (retainer, spring, cap screw, set screw, retaining ring): 316 SS, Hardened 410 SS
  6. Gland Plate Assembly (gland plate, cap screw): 316 SS
  7. Sealing Ring: Fluoroelastomer
  8. O-ring: Fluoroelastomer
  9. Retaining Plate, Installation Disc,
    Low Head Cap Screw: 316 SS
  10. Shoulder Screw: Hardened Steel

Operating range mechanical seal type 75fs

Temperature Limits


Pressure Limits

Dry: Full vacuum to 100 psi(g)/70 bar(g)

Wet: Full vacuum to 125 psi(g)/8.5 bar(g)

Speed Limits

Dry: 400fpm/203m/s

Wet: 1750 rpm

Product Description type 75fs

The Type 75FS is an engineered, fully split, dry  running single seal designed to contain process liquid and vapor while eliminating process contamination. The seal‘s unique design and features significantly improve reliability and reduce maintenance costs on rotating equipment that previously could not accommodate mechanical shaft seals. Heavy-duty design handles significant shaft movement and runs cool and quiet allowing for cleaner and less hazardous working environment and a more productive process.

• The Type 75FS is ideal for applications on mixers, agitators, and reactors where installation and service is difficult or challenging due to the equipment design or available space.

• Where equipment maintenance is complex and high reliability is vital.

• An excellent choice for chemical processing, food processing, petrochemical, pulp and paper, wastewater, and Pharmaceutical applications where larger shafts and complex coupling or drive arrangements exist