Type 613 john crane
Type 613 john crane

Features mechanical seal type 613

  • California Residents: PROPOSITION 65 WARNING
  • The Type 613 is a single bellows cartridge seal designed to operate reliably in services where short periods of dry running conditions occur.
  • Available with a Hastelloy® -C bellows assembly, an Alloy 20 gland and a wide range of elastomers to best suit your particular application
  • Fits the most popular standard and enlarged seal chamber ANSI, DIN and metric pumps.
  • The welded metal bellows design is manufactured with a 45-degree tilt edge at the bellows’ inside diameter to disperse stresses in the individual bellows plates and maximize their operating life.
  • Designed as a self-contained, pre-set cartridge seal, its trouble-free, slide-on-and-tighten design makes mounting simple, fast and accurate.

Recommended Applications type 613

  • Process pumps

About Mechanical seal type 613

Using the time-tested and proven dry sliding technology from our Emission Containment Seal (ECS®), the Type 613 is ideal for processes that periodically experience dry running conditions. Applications involving batch processes, tank farms, loading and unloading platforms, and other intermittent processes are perfect for the Type 613 cartridge seal.

Precisely controlled, specially designed bellows and optimal face materials are used in the Type 613 seal. As a result, the Type 613 is able to operate effectively during periods of dry running, and successfully return to sealing liquid when normal running conditions are restored.

An expensive pump and seal overhaul of your conventional wet seals, due to occasional dry running, is no longer required.

Design Features mechanical seal type 613

  • Dry-sliding technology
  • Compact and easy-to-install cartridge design
  • Only one moving part the bellows
  • Eliminates O-ring “hang-up” problems
  • Fits ansi standard and enlarged bore pumps, as well as metric pumps
  • Available with a variety of elastomers

Material mechanical seal type 613

  • Seat/Mating Ring: Silicon Carbide
  • Insert: Carbon
  • Sleeve: 316 Stainless Steel
  • Gland: Alloy 20 (UNS N08020)
  • Bellows: Alloy C-276 (UNS N10276)
  • Elastomers: Fluorocarbon

Operating range mechanical seal type 613


Temperature Limits

-100°F to 400°F/-75°C to 200°C (depending on elastomer spe°Ci°Fied)


Pressure Limits

Vacuum to 150 psi(g) /10 bar(g)


Dry-running mode: 15 psi(g)/1 bar(g)


Speed Limits


Product Description type 613

The Type 613 is a Single Bellows Cartridge Seal utilizing performance-proven ECS technology.
• Operates wet with reliable intermittent dry-running capability
• Target applications include batch processes, tank farms, loading and unloading platforms and intermittent processes