Type 5625 John crane
Type 5625P-1 John crane

Features mechanical seal type 5625p-1

  • California Residents: PROPOSITION 65 WARNING
  • API 682 Category 1 seals specific for ASME B73.1 and ASME B73.2 and ISO 2858 enlarged-bore chemical process pumps. Within the John Crane 5600 Universal Cartridge Seal series, a fully compliant line of API 682 versions are designed and qualification-tested.
  • Fits ANSI B73.1M, ISO 2858 seal chambers.
  • Cartridge seal design.
  • API 682 qualification-tested.
  • Optimized primary ring for low-emission performance.
  • Set-screwless outboard seal drive.
  • Register fit enlarged-bore gland plate.
  • Reversible seal head for rotating and stationary operation.
  • Edge-welded metal bellows.
  • Pumping ring standard on 5625P-1 dual seal.

Recommended Applications type 5625p-1

  • Process pumps
  • Other rotating equipment

About Mechanical seal type 5625p-1

High-performance, low-emission, non-pusher seals, the Universal Cartridge 5600-1 Series is a modular cartridge seal family that includes interchangeable metal bellows and elastomer O-ring pusher seal designs specifically conforming to API 682. API 682 compliant, Category 1 — dual unpressurized/pressurized arrangement 2 or 3, Type B rotating metal bellows seal based on the 5625P design.

Design Features mechanical seal type 5625p-1

  • Reversible seal heads
  • Tangential inlet and outlet pipe connections
  • ANSI B73.1M and DIN 24960 pump-compliant
  • Optimized pressure balanced design
  • Set screw-less outboard seal drive
  • Chemical-resistant metal bellows secondary seal

Material mechanical seal type 5625p-1

  • Face/Primary Ring Resin-Impregnated Carbon
  • Seat/Mating Ring: Silicon Carbide
  • Sleeve,Gland,Collar,Gland Adapter, Sleeve Adapter: 316 Stainless Steel
  • O-ring: Fluoroelastomer
  • Bellows: Alloy 20CB3 SS

Operating range mechanical seal type 5625p-1


Temperature Limits



Pressure Limits

300 psi(g)/21 bar(g)


Speed Limits


Product Description type 5625p-1

The 5625p-1 Series is a modular cartridge seal family that includes interchangeable elastomer bellows, metal bellows, and elastomer O-ring pusher seal designs.
• The Type 5625 and 5625P-1 dual seal arrangements incorporate a edge welded metal bellows seal head.
• Primary and mating ring reverse balance designs allow for ID or OD pressurization, which permits the dual seal to operate as a tandem or double. Positive seal face closing forces are maintained in an upset pressure reversal
• OD pressurization of the outboard seal avoids subjecting components to high tensile stresses and achieves improved cooling. For vertical installations, it allows venting of entrapped air.