Type 4620P John crane

O-ring Pusher seals | Compact, General-duty, Dual Cartridge O-ring Seal with Pumping Ring

Type 4620P John crane

Features mechanical seal type 4620p

  • California Residents: PROPOSITION 65 WARNING
  • Dual seal arrangement — incorporates an elastomer O-ring as the dynamic secondary sealing member
  • Inboard primary and mating ring reverse balance design allows for ID or OD pressurization, permitting the dual seal to operate as an unpressurized tandem or pressurized double seal
  • Pumping ring is standard — no extra cost
  • No extra inventory to carry
  • Flow-optimized design with integral pumping ring arrangement
  • Tangential piping ports
  • Increased cooling flow and face lubrication, greatly extending seal life
  • Cartridge design with factory-preset and pressure-tested assembly
  • The only dual cartridge design with a centering ring eliminating need for external setting clips
  • Eliminates potential assembly and installation errors

Recommended Applications type 4620p

  • Process pumps
  • Mixer and agitators
  • Other rotating equipment

About Mechanical seal type 4620p

The Type 4620P dual cartridge seal, available off the shelf the world over, brings a new era of affordability to fluid sealing with assured dependability. It’s the complete solution for sealing satisfaction in general industrial applications. This compact, single cartridge seal gives customers the best value for their sealing investment without compromise!
The Type 4620P meets key industry pump standards and is designed to permit use in rotating shaft equipment including ANSI/DIN pumps, close-coupled pumps, vertical pumps and similar rotating shaft equipment.

Design Features mechanical seal type 4620p

  • Single and Dual O-ring Pusher Design
  • Optimized running face design
  • Non-clogging, crest-to-crest wave spring
  • Pre-assembled unique centralizing spacer ring does not require removal before equipment startup
  • Compact cartridge design
  • Dual arrangement design can operate as tandem (unpressurized) or double (pressurized)
  • Dual seal sleeve offers standard pumping vanes which improve flow and cooling
  • Robust pin drive mechanism for both primary and mating ring

Material mechanical seal type 4620p

  • Face/Primary Ring: Carbon Graphite
  • Seat/Mating Ring: Silicon Carbide
  • O-ring: Fluoroelastomer
  • Springs: Alloy-C-276
  • Gasket, Centering Ring: Glass-filled PTFE
  • Hardware: 316SS or better
  • Inboard Primary Ring Adaptor: Duplex SS
  • Outboard Primary Ring Adaptor: Alloy 20

Operating range mechanical seal type 4620p

Temperature Limits



Pressure Limits

220 psi(g)/15 bar(g) process pressure


Speed Limits

3600 rpm


Size Limits

1″/24mm to 5.500″/140mm

Product Description type 4620p

  • The 4620p series cartridge seal is the complete, affordable and off-the-shelf sealing solution for industrial liquid applications.
  • Type 4620p series meets key industry pump standards, and is designed to permit use in rotating shaft equipment including ANSI/DIN pumps, close-coupled pumps, vertical pumps, and similar rotating shaft equipment.