BFS Huhnseal

About mechanical seal bfs

The Huhnseal BC-series is a new type of seal designed for various heavy duty applications where durability is key. This is a robust, reliable and cost effective seal suitable for standardization in larger process industries but also for customers with more limited amounts of equipment.
During the development of the BC-series the main focus has been on adaptability to different pressure and speed conditions, reliability and ease of installation. The BC is a double balanced seal that handles pressure drops on either product or barrier/buffer sides and effectively minimizes heat generation at the seal faces.

Operating range mechanical seal bfs

  • Pmax = 25 bar Slurry with up to 60 % solid contents by weight
  • Temperature up to 80 °C without quench Speed up to 18 m/s

characteristics mechanical seal bfs

  • Zero-Flush Mechanical Seals designed for slurry applications
  • Non-clogging springs isolated from the slurry and surrounding environment
  • Seal face and holder profile minimizes turbulence and reduces wear
  • Excellent axial movement capabilities
  1. Seal faces
    Standard silicon carbide faces with optional diamond
    coating or tungsten carbide
  2. Wear resistant design
    Axially aligned seal profile of the wetted parts
    help to avoid inducing turbulent flows that cause
    excessive wear
  3. Protected dynamic o-ring
    Wiper protects the o-ring and groove from getting
    clogged and worn by abrasive slurry
  4. Robust design for slurry applications
    Various metallurgy and coatings are available to
    help reduce wear and corrosion
  5. Non-clogging spring package
    Springs are isolated from the slurry to prevent
  6. Excellent axial movement capabilities
    Design makes it possible for the seal to handle large
    axial movement to simplify impeller adjustments
  7. Zero – Flush Mechanical Seal
    Seal faces are cooled and lubricated by the slurry.
    No additional water flush is necessary which
    provides substantial water savings