Product Features Pump e-IXP

  • Enhance your industrial capability
  • Streamline your investment
  • Reduce your energy cost
  • Secure your process with optimyze
  • Improve maintenance


About Pump e-IXP

e-IXP is the new innovative Xylem Industrial Pump designed according to ISO 2858 and 5199 to be The Solution to industrial applications. The new e-IXP pump is able to meet the pumping needs of customers in virtually all major markets and can be supplied in multiple construction materials, with various shaft sealing configurations. Derived from customer input and extensive Xylem experience, the design objective was to create a reliable and efficient pump with reduced lifecycle cost. Thanks to our new Xylem optimyze technology, health of the pump will be always under control. The new e-IXP is a single stage volute casing end suction pump, available in different constructions thanks to a true modular design.

Range extension up to DN 250 increases the flow by 65% compared to the previous range.
Large choice of casing and impeller material combinations, both PN16 and PN25, to solve different needs in the industrial market.
Wide range of bearing bracket arrangements and sealing options available as well as API plans on request.
Optional inducer reduces NPSH value up to 50% and allows the pump to work with fluids with up to 25% entrained air.
Standardization according to ISO 2858 and ISO 5199 simplifies integration in existing systems.
Modular design optimizes spare parts management and reduces lead time.
Stub shaft with compact construction reduces the footprint by up to 35%; a cost-effective solution for applications with space constraints.
Efficiency up to 10% higher compared with the previous ISO range thanks to optimized hydraulics.
Use of Hydrovar or Aquavar to optimize performance: proved 50% energy saving using variable speed with a 11kW pump.
Standard wear rings and dry shaft in stainless steel with Duplex sleeve ensure a longer life and reduce downtime.
Prevent pump breakdowns and avoid expensive downtime with predictive maintenance advice.
Easily generate reports to simplify documentation, manage your system and spares and inform purchasing.
Monitor system health on a simpleto- use App and automatically share your data with other local users.
Heavy duty bearing bracket with large capacity oil sump lowers temperature and grants L10 bearing life up to 40.000 hrs decreasing your service needs.
Patented cyclone seal chamber increases mechanical seal life up to 5 times when processing fluids with abrasive elements.
Back pull-out design, machined baseplate and jack screws make commissioning and maintenance easier and safer.

Range overview

Sizes: DN25 – DN250
Power: 0,55 kW- 200 kW
Heads up to: 160 m
Flows up to: 1270 m3/h


The new e-IXP is single stage, volute casing end suction pump built to comply with ISO 2858 and ISO 5199 Standards. The new e-IXP pump is capable of meeting the pumping needs of customers in virtually all major markets and can be supplied in multiple materials of constructions and with various shaft sealing configurations. The design is the result of the close collaboration between our customers and us, aiming to offer a new efficient and reliable series suitable for all industrial applications.

Pump design

The new e-IXP is a centrifugal single stage end-suction pump designed in compliance with ISO 2858 from a dimensions point of view, and with ISO 5199 for quality and technical requirements. Optimized hydraulics guarantees high efficiency and wide hydraulic coverage, including sizes above ISO 2858.
Maximum casing pressure is PN 25, and the pump is provided with PN16 drilled flanges (EN1092/ISO7005) as standard.
The e-IXP pumps are also available in a wide range of materials, from ductile iron to super duplex stainless steel, to address various pumping needs.
The pumps can be equipped with unbalanced mechanical seals, but it is also possible to choose balanced mechanical seals, single or double cartridge seals.
We offer a medium-heavy duty bearing bracket design with double row drive-end ball bearings either grease lubricated for 25000 hours lifetime, or oil lubricated for 40000 hours lifetime.
A wide range of options and accessories is available to make a custom-built pump that suits all the industrial needs