DF-(P) DGS6 DiamondFace
DF-(P) DGS6 DiamondFace

Features DF-(P) DGS6 DiamondFace

  • DiamondFace bonded primary seal faces
  • Safe cupped retainer for rotating ring
  • Bi-directional
  • Ready-to-fit cartridge unit
  • Single, double, tandem and tandem seal with intermediate labyrinth arrangement available
  • An ideal solution for Ethane, CO2 and many other low vapor margin applications
  • This type of seals can handle both liquid and gaseous phases during the operation of the pump

Advantages DF-(P) DGS6 DiamondFace

  • Significantly lower leakage rate compared to competition
  • Longer life span
  • Wear and contact free operation
  • Self-cleaning 3-D gas grooves
  • High gas film stiffness
  • Proven, reliable and economical solution
  • Can be adjusted even to extreme narrow installation space – retrofits are easy to implement

Operating range DF-(P) DGS6 DiamondFace

  • Shaft diameter:
    D = 40 … 280 mm (1.57″ … 11.02″)
  • Pressure: p = 0 … 120 bar (1,450 PSI)
    with PTFE option: 0 … 250 bar (3,625 PSI)
  • Temperature:
    t = -20 °C … +150 °C (-4 °F … +302 °F)
    with PTFE option: -100 °C … +200 °C (-148 °F … +392 °F)
  • Sliding velocity:
    vg = 0.6 … 140 m/s (2 … 459 ft/s)

For applications outside the operating range mentioned, please inquire.

Materials DF-(P) DGS6 DiamondFace

  • Primary seat and seal face: Silicon carbide with DiamondFace bonding
  • Secondary seat and seal face: Silicon carbide with DLC coating. Optional also with DF-coating
  • Secondary seals: FKM, PTFE (DF-PDGS6) or other elastomers, depending on product gas composition
  • Metal parts: 1.4006 (410) and other stainless steels
1Primary seal face with DF-coating*, stationary
2Primary seat with DF-coating*, rotating
3Thrust ring
5Shaft sleeve and seat retainer
6Intermediate sleeve
7Housing (adapted in size to the installation space)
8“Adjustable” nut for axial misalignment
9Split ring
10Clamping ring
12Process side labyrinth
GBIGas Buffer Inlet
GBOGas Buffer Outlet
*Optional: secondary seal face and seat also with DF-coating.

Recommended applications seal DF-(P) DGS6 DiamondFace

  • Oil and gas industry
  • Refining technology
  • Petrochemical industry
  • Hydrocarbon applications
  • CO2 applications