Description booster pump 2inox

Self-priming centrifugal pumps for water supply (even if mixed with gas) in small household systems, connected to autoclave tanks for transferring liquids and emptying tanks; used in medium sized industrial applications and for gardening.


– Horizontal monobloc electric pumps.
– Steel suction and delivery manifolds, threaded and galvanized, with coupling sleeves for membrane vessels on delivery side.
– Unit base and support for control panel in painted or galvanized steel.
– One check valve for each electric pump, installed on suction side.
– Ball valves with pipe union installed on suction side and delivery side of each electric pump.
– Pressure gauge with radial connection.
– Control panel.
– Preset pressure switches installed on delivery manifold and directly connected to control panel.
– On request: membrane surge tanks, shut-off valves.


– ABS plastic casing, protection rating IP 55, complete with tear-resistant cable glands.
– General circuit-breaker for accident-prevention, with door locking device.
– Power supply from mains: 1 x 230V single-phase, 3 x 400V three-phase.
– Very low voltage input for pressure switch control (bounce-free) and low-level float.
– Pump protection fuses.
– Auxiliary protection fuses.
– Pump operating switches (Automatic/Off/Manual; manual operation only momentary).
– Green LEDs indicating power on, automatic operation, pumps running.
– Red warning LEDs for low/high water level, pump overload protection.
– Adjustable electronic protection for pump overload.
– Protection reset buttons.
– In-built pump switching circuit.
– Internal selector to bypass pump switching.
– Pump cut-off in case of pump malfunction.
– Output for alarms with change-over contact.
– Flame retardant cables for connecting pumps and pressure switches.
– Wiring/operation diagram.