Product Features pump Vogel series P, PVa

  • Delivery: up to 1800 m³/h
  • Head: up to 300 m
  • DN 80 up to DN 300 (3″ up to 12″) discharge
  • max. 140 °C (284°F)

Multistage Pumps – P, PVa
P – Horizontal multistage pump with bearings on both ends. PVa – Vertical multistage pump.

Modular System pump Vogel series P, PVa

Multistage pumps utilize a modular design concept which maximizes component interchangeability. As such, multiple design configurations can be engineered to meet customer requirements without compromise to repair part inventories.
The entire performance range is covered by 7 mechanical sizes that hold 9 different hydraulics

Hydraulics pump Vogel series P, PVa

Sizes 84-254, closed radial type impellers designed for casing wear ring on both sides. Axial thrust minimized by balance holes for minimum bearing loads and maximum bearing liftetime. Size MP 300.1 and MP 300.2 thrust balanced by a balancing drum.
Size 84-104 P: one piece design for diffusor and casing. Size 124 PA-254 P and MP 300.1, 300.2: two piece design for diffusor and stage casing. Balanced radial forces, minimum shaft deflection, minimum vibrations

Application Vogel series P, PVa

  • water supply
  • booster systems
  • irrigation
  • fire fighting
  • cooling circuits
  • boiler feed
  • condensate
  • district heating
  • osmosis and ultra filtration
  • spray water systems
  • cleaning systems
  • mining