Product Features

  • Complete constant pressure sets for residential water supply
  • Energy efficient
  • Very easy to set up
  • Delivery: up to 28 m³/h
  • Head: up to 95 m


About Resiboost

The ResiBoost is specially designed for maintaining constant pressure independent of flow for maximum comfort.
Energy savings is the result of the precise
speed control. Top quality components guarantee high reliability and a troublefree life. The inverter has inbuilt protection against various system and electrical faults.
Smooth operation and soft starting ensure silent running and an extended pump life. With pipe or wall mounted versions together with ready built, the quick set up means easy installation.

The ResiBoost is a series of constant pressure systems for energy efficient residential water supply. It’s a complete packaged solution including Lowara stainless steel pumps, a variable speed drive and all other necessary components in one package.

The unit is programmed for constant pressure and it easy to setup and operate, just setting the required pressure (Plug and Play). See the video on the video tab for details.

ResiBoost is designed to be safe and secure including built in overcurrent, incorrect supply voltage, short circuit and dry run protections. It can also be manually by-passed in case of a VFD failure.

The ResiBoost is available with the following pumps:

e-HM vertical multistage pump
VM horizontal multistage pump
BG self-priming pump
GS 4” borehole pump
Scuba 5” well pump