Main applications RDLO

  • Building services
  • Chemical industry
  • Cooling water and condensate
  • Desalination
  • District heating
  • Drainage pump stations
  • Energy
  • Fire fighting and sprinkler systems
  • Flood / stormwater holding tanks
  • Heat transfer, Cooling circuits
  • Industry engineering
  • Irrigation
  • Lake, Damwater extraction
  • Mining
  • Municipal waste water
  • Oil /Gas
  • Petrochemical Industry
  • Power Stations < 100 MW
  • Power Stations > 100 MW
  • Pressure Drainage
  • Pressure boosting
  • Pressure boosting, fire fighting systems
  • Process
  • Pumps used as Turbines
  • Rawwater transport
  • Special processes
  • Steel
  • Systems
  • Waste water
  • Waste water transport
  • Water
  • Water Extraction
  • Water supply
  • Water transport
  • Water works
  • Watertransport
  • Watertreatment

Design RDLO

Single-stage axially split volute casing pump for horizontal or vertical installation, with double-entry radial impeller, mating flanges to DIN, EN or ASME.

Application pump RDLO

Pumping water with a low solids content, e.g. in waterworks, irrigation and drainage pumping stations, extraction duties in desalination systems, power stations, fire-fighting systems, shipbuilding, district heating or cooling.

Fluids handled pump RDLO

RDLO / RDLO V pumps are designed for pumping water and other fluids with a low solids content. The pumps are very versatile and can be used for the following fluids, for example:

  • Brackish water
  • River water, lake water and groundwater
  • Stormwater
  • Service water
  • Fire-fighting water
  • Cooling water
  • Condensate
  • Heating water
  • Drinking water

Desing Details pump RDLO

Pump shaft

  • Variants with rolling element bearing:
  • Completely dry shaft
  • Shaft protecting sleeves in the seal area

Shaft seal

  • Gland packing
  • Balanced mechanical seal


  • For horizontal installation:
    Grease-lubricated rolling element bearings
  • Oil-lubricated rolling element bearings
    For vertical installation:
  • Grease-lubricated rolling element bearings
  • Bottom: product-lubricated rubber plain bearing /
    Top: grease-packed rolling element bearing

Overview of technical data RDLO

Q (50Hz)1,200.0 – 10,000.0 (m³/h)
H (50Hz)15.0 – 290.0 (m)
Type of bearingRolling element and plain bearings
Casing partitionAxially split
Drive frequency50 Hz /60 Hz
Type of driveElectric motor
Drive voltageLow voltage, high voltage
No. of impeller entriesDouble entry
Type of installationLong-coupled
Type of couplingDirect, Gear
Type of lubricationgrease-/oil- and product lubrication
Max. permissible fluid temperature80.0 (°C)
Nozzle positionIn-line
Pump set locationDry installed
Shaft material (EN standard)13 % CHROMSTAHL, DUPLEX
Suction characteristicsNon-priming
Suitable for drinking waterYes
Type of casingVolute casing
Type of impellerClosed / Radial
Type of connectionFlange
eClass assignment36410101, 36410000, 36410100
Installation positionHorizontal or vertical
Shaft seal typeGland packing, Mechanical seal
Main applicationsIndustry and process engineering, Water, Energy, Building services, Mining / Dredges
Casing materialCast iron, Cast duplex steel, Nodular cast iron
Maximum discharge-side pressure30.0 (bar)
Maximum drive rating5000.0 (kW)
Type of installationStationary
Maximum speed of rotation1800.0 (1/min)