Product Features pump Z6 ZN6

  • Sturdy design with casted discharge head and motor support
  • Avialable in AISI 304 or AISI 316
  • Delivery up to: 78 m3/h
  • Head up to: 700 m
  • Max immersion depth: 350 m

The Z6-ZN6 Series is designed for use in 6” wells. The head and motor support of this lightweight and sturdy pump is cast in stainless steel as are the shaft sleeves ensuring long lasting reliability and efficiency.

pump Z6 ZN6

The pump has a high sand handling capability which make the Z6-ZN6 series suitable for use in aggressive environments such as water supply from deep wells or irrigation over large areas such as golf courses.

Z6: AISI 304
ZN6: AISI 316

All Z6-ZN6 pumps can be coupled to NEMA standard motors.


Among the various products considered there are also some typologies of pumps with the characteristics defined by the specific Regulation (EU) n. 547/2012 implementing the requirements of Directives EuP and ErP.
For vertical multi-stage pumps (MS-V for the Regulations), the efficiency evaluation refers to:

  • just the pump and not the pump and motor assembly (electric or combustion);
  • pumps with a nominal pressure PN not higher than 25 bar (2500 kPa);
  • pumps designed to operate at a speed of 2900 min-1 (for electric pumps this means 50 Hz 2-pole electric motors);
  • pumps with a maximum flow of 100 m3 /h;
  • use with clean water at a temperature ranging from -10°C to 120°C (the test is performed with cold water at a temperature not higher than 40°C)


  • Delivery: up to 78 m3 /h.
  • Head: up to 700 m.
  • Maximum overall diameter of pump:
    – Standard version: 142 mm (one cable guard included).
    – High head version:
    177 mm (one cable guard and 6” motor coupling included).
    193 mm (one cable guard and 8” motor coupling included).
  • Maximum pump immersion depth:
    300 m (with L4C motor)
    350 m (with L6W and L8W motors).
  • Maximum permissible quantity of suspended sand:
    100 g/m3
  • Construction materials available:
    AISI304 stainless steel (Z6),
    AISI316 stainless steel (ZN6)


  • Water supply from deep wells.
  • Pressure boosting and water distribution
  • Supply of surge tanks and reservoirs.
  • Firefighting and washing systems.
  • Water table level control.
  • Irrigation.
  • Mines.