Main applications RC

RC pumps are used for pumping viscous and with lubricating
properties liquids without solids in applications such as:

  • Marine
  • Marine industry: motor lubrication, fuel feed, fuel
    transfer and lub-oil transfer.
  • Oil: mineral and vegetable oils, oil derivates,
    greases and additives…
  • Petrochemical industry: liquid polymers, viscous
    solvents, emulsions, adhesives, fuel oil, diesel oil…
  • Chemical industry: liquid soap paste, soya oil,
  • Paint and lacquer industry: binders, colouring
    matters, solvents, textile dyes…

Design RC

Helical gear pump, self-priming, with bypass valve, close-coupled design, for horizontal installation with baseplate or vertical installation. With mechanical seal.

Application pump RC

Fuel feed, handling fuel, lubricating oil and viscous fluids, lubrication systems.

Drive pump RC

IEC frame electric motor.


Double-gear pump, self-priming (1), with in line suction and discharge. Pump casing with adjustable automatic relief bypass valve.
Three types:

  1. Horizontal (sizes from R1 to R4)
  2. Vertical (sizes from R1 to R4)
  3. Close coupled (sizes RC-00 and RC-01)

Desing Details pump RC

Shaft Seal

Mechanical seal is supplied as standard for biggest sizes. For
RC-00 and RC-01- shaft seal is by means of several lip seals

Bearings / Lubrication

The RC-00 and RC-01 size pumps do not have independent
friction bearing bushes and its upper shaft supports on the
motor bearings.

In the models RC-1, RC–1 ½ and RC–2, the shafts and gears
are supported by removable friction bearings housed in the
side covers.

On the models RC-2R, RC–2RD, RC–3R and RC–4R, they
are supported by ball bearings , housed in the intermediate

In all cases the bearings are lubricated by the pumped fluid


Flexible, rubber plug type coupling for all pump sizes, except for RC-00 and RC-01, that are close coupled type.
Coupling guard: Metallic protections are supplied as standard.

Base Plate

The horizontal pumps, from RC- 1 to RC-4R sizes, can be supplied on a base plate or bare shaft.
Base plate: of steel, welded or U-rails for complete unit (pump and motor).

Safety valve

All the pumps include an adjustable bypass valve for internal safety.