Description pump POOL4-IM

POOL4-IM is the new generation of Commercial pool pumps integrating a new frequency inverter with the Magnus range. The new POOL4-IM works by frequency modulation to get a great comfort and minimize the energy costs. The software is specially developed for the automation of POOL4-IM pump, an easy setup wizard is provided to leave the pump and the installation fully operational.

POOL4-IM is the new generation of commercial pool pumps integrating a frequency inverter and high efficiency IE5 synchronous motor with permanent magnets for grater comfort and minimize energy cost. The system allows the programming of several daily filtration cycles with different operating speed for each cycle. In installations with several pumps they automatically communicate and alternate to work the same amount of hour

Painting cataphoresis
Pump body, seal housing, diffuser polypropylene + fiber glass
Motor bracket aluminium
Mechanical seal graphite-ceramic-AISI 316
Motor shaft stainless steel AISI 316