Main applications lcc-r

  • Ash removal
  • Hard Rock mining
  • Industrial Process
  • Mineral Mining
  • Mining
  • Slurry

Technical data

  • Q max 2,455.0 m³/h
  • H max 50.0 m

Design lcc-r

Interchangeable rubber-lined or part-metal design allows adaptation of existing pumps to new applications by simply exchanging the pump wet end.

Application pump lcc-r

The pumps are suitable for moderate heads, fine particles and highly corrosive slurries.

Overview of technical data lcc-r

Q (50Hz)25.0 – 2,455.0 (m³/h)
H (50Hz)5.0 – 50.0 (m)
Type of bearingRolling element bearings
Type of driveElectric motor, turbine, I.C. engine
Type of couplingDirect, Gear, None, Variable speed coupling, Jack shaft / Belt drive, Float switch, Bubbler system
Type of lubricationGrease / Oil lubrication
Pump set locationDry installed, Wet well, Dry installed, floodable
Free passage107.0 (mm)
Shaft seal typeGland packing, Mechanical seal, Hydrodynamic seal
Main applicationsIndustry and process engineering, Water, Waste water / sewage, Energy, Mining / Dredges, Shipping / Shipbuilding
Type of installationTransportable, Stationary