Main applications HVF

  • Hard Rock mining
  • Industrial Process
  • Mineral Mining
  • Mining
  • Slurry

Technical data

  • Q max 8,175.0 m³/h
  • H max 60.0 m

Design HVF

The pump provides continuous operation without shutdown or operator intervention. The new hydraulic design removes air from the impeller eye while the pump is running, and the pump can be retrofitted into any existing operation.

Application pump HVF

For use in all froth pumping applications in the mineral processing and industrial minerals industries.

Deaeration Chamber

The HVF pump’s innovative deaeration chamber removes air from the pumping process. This ensures active air clearing and an open path to the atmosphere, while reducing costly product
losses and water additions.

Vented Impeller

The new patented hydraulic design of the HVF impeller removes air from the impeller eye while the pump is running for continuous operation.


The HVF pump can be retrofit into any existing froth application. Fewer pumps are required for less capital expense as well as reduced power and water usage

Overview of technical data HVF

Q (50Hz)0.0 – 8,175.0 (m³/h)
H (50Hz)0.0 – 60.0 (m)