DRM1-S seal
DRM1-S seal

Features mechanical seal drm1-s

A mechanical seal that is widely used in pumps and machines for generic use with medium and high pressures. The DRM1-S is a single seal, with only a stationary CC/CL type ring and is made in accordance with DIN 24960.

The tapered helical spring with dependent rotation is specifically designed to prevent clogging when in contact with dirty and/or viscous liquids.

Characteristics mechanical seal drm1-s

  • Single Seal conical spring
  • Balanced – Unbalanced
  • Dependent on direction of rotation

Operating range mechanical seal drm1-s

  • Pressure Vacuum/12 bar
  • Speed v = 15 m/s Max
  • Temperature t = -20 +200°C

Materials mechanical seal drm1-s umbra

1 Stationary ring type CC
1a Stationary ring type CL
1b Stationary ring type LE
1c Stationary ring type CC/CL
2 Rotating ring
3 Stationary o-ring

Materials mechanical seal drm1-s umbra

3a Stationary ring Gasket
4 Rotating ring O-ring
5 Washer
6 Springs
7 Seal body