DR1-D seal
DR1-D seal

Features mechanical seal dr1-d

mechanical seal dr1-d has been designed in compliance with DIN 24960/EN12756 standards and can be used in a wide range of applications, in particular in cases in which the fluids are not particularly viscous or have a tendency to solidify. This seal is used when the device has a special chamber for barrier fluid. The HD version of the seal is balanced and can with stand differential pressures of 40 bar*. For extreme applications it may be possible to modify the stated specifications.

The seal has been subject to continuous development over time, enhancing its robustness and reliability which have significantly improved the torque drive on the rotary seal, which is in most cases solid.

Characteristics mechanical seal dr1-d

  • Double seal multiple spring – To DIN 24960/EN 12756
  • Unbalanced
  • Direction of rotation independent

Operating range mechanical seal dr1-d

  • Pressure to Vacuum / 16 bar
  • Temperature -20/+200°C
  • Speed 20-22m/s max

Materials mechanical seal dr1-d umbra

1 Stationary ring type CC
1a Stationary ring type CL
1b Stationary ring type LE
1c Stationary ring type CC/CL
2 Rotating ring
3 Stationary o-ring
3a Stationary ring Gasket
4 Rotating ring O-ring
5 Thrust ring
6 Springs

Materials mechanical seal dr1-d umbra

7 Grubscrew
8 Seal body
9 Thrust ring
10 Rotating ring o-ring
11 Rotating ring
12 Stationary ring type CL graphite
13 Stationary o-ring
1b Stationary ring type LE
1c Stationary ring type CC graphite
3a Stationary ring Gasket