DPS seal
DPS seal

Features mechanical seal dps

New production needs in the food industry have led us to develop innovative solutions that respond to these new demands. The DPS series are classic fluid lubricated face seals whose extreme radial and axial compactness makes them the primary solution for this type of use. In addition to the food industry, they can also be used in all situations that require extremely limited axial and radial dimensions.

Characteristics mechanical seal dps

  • Single Seal multiple and single spring
  • Independent on direction of rotation
  • Balanced

Operating range mechanical seal dps

  • Pressure Vacuum/12 bar
  • Speed v = 15 m/s Max
  • Temperature t = -35 +180°C

Materials mechanical seal dps umbra

  1. Stationary o-ring
  2. Stationary ring
  3. Stationary ring
  4. Stationary o-ring
  5. Springs
  6. Grubscrew
  7. Seal body