Features mechanical seal aura

  • California Residents: PROPOSITION 65 WARNING
  • Unidirectional or bidirectional capability
  • Tandem configuration
  • Robust design building on field-proven pedigree

Recommended Applications aura

  • Centrifugal compressors
  • Other compressors

About Mechanical seal aura

Aura™ reduces operational and transactional costs using a patented polymeric sealing device. Aura reduces leakage rates by up to 15 percent, lowering the total cost of operation while protecting the environment. An enhanced rotor design extends scheduled maintenance periods, and the optional bi-directional capability reduces the need for an extensive spares inventory.

Aura provides the ultimate reliable operation in temperatures ranging from -58°F to 392°F/ -50°C to 200°C and pressures up to 3190 psi (g)/220 bar (g).

With Aura, operators gain access to localized technical expertise from the largest global service network in the industry with over 300 service engineers located worldwide. Technical support and troubleshooting from service and reliability experts is available on the widest range of applications in the industry.

Design Features mechanical seal aura

  • Aura 220: Silicon carbide rotating and stationary sealing faces, springenergized-polymer secondary sealing for high-pressure duties to 220 bar static pressure
  • Aura 180: Silicon carbide rotating and carbon stationary sealing faces, advanced-polymer secondary sealing, up to 180 bar static pressure
  • Aura 100: Silicon carbide rotating and carbon stationary sealing faces, O-ring secondary sealing up to 95 bar static pressure
  • Aura 120NS: Silicon carbide rotating and stationary sealing faces, spring-energized-polymer secondary sealing. This latest design delivers up to 120 bar static pressure with 42% reduced radial cross section and 25% reduced axial length to fit smaller compressor seal cavities.

Operating range mechanical seal aura

  • Temperature Limits:
    -58°F to 392°F/ -50°C to 200°C

  • Pressure Limits:
    up to 3190 psi (g)/ 220 bar(g)

  • Speed Limits
    up to 459fps/140m/s measured at balance diameter

  • Size Limits
    for shaft sizes up to 10.25”/260mm, corresponding to seal sizes up to 12.125”/307.9mm

Product Description aura

The Aura range represents the next generation of John Crane gas seals,
designed to reduce seal-operating and transaction costs by implementing
a common design approach across the range and delivering extended
maintenance intervals. The new Aura 120NS provides solutions for
compressor applications with small cross-section cavities.

  • Wider performance envelope, including bidirectional operation
  • Increased reliability for extended maintenance intervals
  • Improved design for simpler serviceability

Performance Capabilities mechanical seal aura

SealShaft sizeBore SizePressure LimitsSpeedTemperature
Aura 22070 mm to 230 mm/
2.75” to 9.125”
161 mm to 371 mm/
6.37“ to 14.60”
Static: to 220 bar/3,190 psi
Dynamic: to 200 bar/2,900 psi
140 ms-1
459 ft/s
-50°C to 200°C
-58°F to 392°F
Aura 18070 mm to 260 mm/
2.75” to 10.25”
165 mm to 412 mm/
6.50” to 16.25“
Static: to 180 bar/2,650 psi
Dynamic: to 160 bar/2,350 psi
120 ms-1
394 ft/s
Aura 10070 mm to 260 mm/
2.75” to 10.25”
165 mm to 412 mm/
6.50” to 16.25“
Static: to 95 bar/1,380 psi
Dynamic: to 95 bar/1,380 psi
120 ms-1
394 ft/s
-20°C to 200°C
-4°F to 392°F
Aura 120NS73 mm to 155 mm/
2.87” to 6.10”
140 mm to 223 mm/
5.50“ to 8.78”
Static: to 120 bar/1,740 psi
Dynamic: to 100 bar/1,450 psi
100 ms-1
328 ft/s
-50°C to 200°C
-58°F to 392°F