Product Features

  • High efficiency pumps with ECM-technology and permanent magnet rotor
  • Low power consumption
  • EEI ≤0.18
  • Stainless steel pump housing
  • Control modes:
    • Proportional Pressure
    • Constant Pressure
    • Constand Speed
  • Automatic “air purge”
  • Plug
  • Insulation shell
  • Flow rate: up to 4,5 m³/h
  • Head: up to 8 m

About ecocirc N

The Lowara Ecocirc N circulation pumps are designed for water circulation in domestic hot water systems. With 14 models and multiple control modes, the new Ecocirc range offers a smarter choice in the domestic hot water circulators market by combining high efficiency, simplicity and reliability in a single cost effective package. Compact and easy to install, all models feature a unique “one turn” knob to set up control modes and speed settings. An interchangeable plug connection, automatic air-purge and a multicolor LED come as standard. The full Ecocirc range reaches an EEI level ≤ 0.18.

The pump can be used for:

Refurbishment or extension of existing systems
Single-family houses or apartment buildings
Domestic hot water systems



Best-in-class energy efficiency (EEI ≤0.18)
ECM motor for intelligent speed control
Up to 80% lower power consumption
Optimized hydraulics


Multifunctional “one turn” knob
Compact and easy to install


Robust proven design
Stainless steel pump housing
Dry-run protection
Warnings and alarms visualization


Insulation shell as standard


ecocirc and ecocirc+ circulation pumps are designed for water circulation in heating, air conditioning and domestic  hot water systems.

The pump can be also used for:
• Refurbishment or extension of existing systems.
• Facilities fitted with thermostatic valves.
• Single-family houses or apartment buildings.
• Floor heating systems.


• Flow rate: up to 4,5 m3/h.
• Head: up to 8 m.
• Maximum power consumption: 60 W
• Temperature of pumped liquid: -10°C ÷ +110°C.
• Ambient temperature: -10°C ÷ +40°C.
• Maximum operating pressure: 10 bar (PN 10).
• Power supply: Single-phase 230 V (±10%) 50/60 Hz.
• Insulation class F (155°C).
• Protection class IP 44.
• Sound level ≤ 43 dB(A).