Main applications calio therm S NC/NCV

  • Building services
  • HVAC
  • Heat transfer, Cooling circuits
  • Heating / ventilation / air-condition
  • Industry engineering
  • Special processes

Technical data

  • Q max 0.7 m³/h
  • H max 1.0 m

Design calio therm S NC/NCV

Maintenance-free, high-efficiency glandless drinking water circulator pump, screw-ended, electric motor with multiple fixed speed levels, for use in drinking water supply systems

Application pump calio therm S NC/NCV

Drinking water circulation systems

Drive pump calio therm S NC/NCV

  • Short-circuit-proof electric motor
  • 230 V, 50 Hz/60 Hz
  • IP42 enclosure
  • Thermal class F
  • Temperature class TF 65
  • Interference emission EN 55014-1:2006 + A1:2009 +A2:2011, EN 61000-3-2:2006 + A1:2009 + A2:2009, EN 61000-3-3:2008
  • Interference immunity EN 55014-2:1997 + A1:2001 + A2:2008

Desing Details pump calio therm S NC/NCV


▪ Product-lubricated special plain bearing


▪ Screw-ended

Operating modes

▪ Open-loop control via setpoint setting

Automatic functions

▪ Automatic stop when the motor is blocked

Manual functions

▪ Setting the speed level

Signalling functions and display functions

▪ LEDs indicate operating status and faults (3 flashing LEDs)

Overview of technical data calio therm S NC/NCV

Q (50Hz)0.0 – 0.7 (m³/h)
H (50Hz)0.0 – 1.0 (m)
DriveElectric motor
Connection to power supply230 V, 1~
Type of first impellerClosed / Radial
Impeller material (EN standard)TECHNOPOLYMER
Discharge casing material (EN standard)MESSING
Nozzle positionIn-line
Maximum operating pressure10 BAR
Integrated control systemYes
Type of casingVolute casing
Type of impellerClosed / Radial
Type of connectionThread
Type of discharge casingVolute casing
Type of suction casingVolute casing
Casing material (EN standard)MESSING
Installation positionHorizontal or vertical
Shaft seal typeSeal-less
Main applicationsBuilding services
Maximum discharge-side pressure10.0 (bar)
Maximum drive rating0.01 (kW)
Type of installationStationary