Description pump 2ultra

Stainless steel multistage horizontal pumps. Pumping of clean non-loaded fluids; pressurizing system; irrigation; drinking and glycol water; water treatment; heating and air conditioning; washing system.

Line of automatic pressurization units

consisting of 2 pumps (2 ULTRA) or 3 pumps (3 ULTRA) with pressure switch control

– Horizontal or vertical axis monobloc electric pumps.
– Suction and delivery manifolds in steel, threaded and galvanized, with sleeves for delivery membrane tanks.
– Group base and support for electrical panel in galvanized steel.
– A check valve for each electric pump mounted on the suction side.
– Ball valves with union mounted one in suction and one in delivery of each electric pump.
– Pressure gauge with radial  connection.
– Electrical cabinet.
– Pre-set pressure switches mounted on the delivery manifold and directly connected to the electrical panel.
– On request: membrane autoclave tanks, shut-off valves.

– ABS plastic casing, IP 55 protection degree, complete of tear-proof cable glands.
– General safety door lock switch.
– 1 x 230V single-phase, 3 x 400V  three-phase mains input.
– Very low voltage inputs for command from pressure switches (with anti-bounce system) and minimum float.
– Electric pump protection fuses.
– Auxiliary protection fuses.
– Automatic-off-manual electric pump operation buttons (manual only momentary).
– Green LEDs for voltage presence, automatic operation, electric pumps in operation.
– Red led for min / max water level alarm, electric pumps in protection due to overload.
– Adjustable electronic pump overload protection.
– Protection reset buttons.
– Built-in electric pump alternation circuit.
– Internal selector for exclusion of alternation of electro pumps.
– Possibility of exclusion of a faulty electric pump.
 – Alarm output with exchange contact.
– Electric cables of the flame retardant non-propagating type for connection electric pumps and pressure switches.
– Operating wiring diagram.