Applications mechanical seal 5kscb2d

API 682 applications in the chemical and petrochemical industries

Design mechanical seal 5kscb2d

  • Single cartridge seal

Technical Data mechanical seal 5kscb2d

  • Pressure: Up to 20 bar
  • Temperature: -75 to 400 °CSingle cartridge seal

Benefits mechanical seal 5kscb2d

The throttling bush enables connection to a gas, steam or liquid quench, depending on the seal variant. This prevents outboard incrustations at the seal.

The mechanical seal is available in a hard-soft combination of silicon carbide and carbon graphite, or in a hard-hard combination of silicon carbide and silicon carbide. The bellows made of Inconel® 718 and the secondary sealing elements made of pure graphite have an excellent chemical resistance and are especially suited for applications with high temperatures.

Compact mechanical seal 5kscb2d

The double cartridge seal makes for easy installation without adjusting dimensions.

Service-friendly mechanical seal 5kscb2d

A positioning lug ensures optimum pre-loading of the cartridge.

Universal use mechanical seal 5kscb2d

The standard cartridge seal is designed for universal use. It fits perfectly into the installation spaces standardised in the chemical industry, e.g. MegaCPK and CPKN.

Versatile mechanical seal 5kscb2d

Suitable for all operating conditions the pump is approved for. Available in many material combinations.

Interchangeability mechanical seal 5kscb2d

The seal can replace other standard cartridge seals such as Burgmann Cartex DN without any modifications.

5KSCB2D ksb

Material seal 5kscb2d

  • Inboard Primary ring: “B” carbon (B), SiC (Q1)
    Mating ring: SiC (Q1)
    Outboard Primary ring: “B” carbon (B)
    Mating ring: SiC (Q1)
    Elastomers PTFE (U1), FFKM (K), EPDM (E), FKM (V)
    Springs 2.4610 (M)
    Other Components 1.4571 (G)

Technical data mechanical seal 5kscb2d

Operating pressure Up to 25 bar dynamic
Up to 37.5 bar static
Temperature -5 °C to 250 °C
Spring travel +/- 1 mm
Bearing bracket  (seal size)
CS40 (033), CS50 (043), CS60 (053),
CS80 (065)
Business type Standard (KSB EasySelect)

Higher application limits on request