4HLQ Seal Ksb
4HLQ Seal Ksb

Applications mechanical seal 4hlq

  • hot water
  • heat transfer fluids

Design mechanical seal 4hlq

  • Single cartridge seal

Technical Data mechanical seal 4hlq

  • Operating pressure:
    0 bar dynamic, for continuous operation
    For short periods up to 16 bar in the event of an inboard seal failure
    24 bar static
  • Temperature: 0 °C to 100 °C

Benefits mechanical seal 4hlq

Combined with a single KSB 4HL mechanical seal this is an optimum sealing solution for demanding fluids.

The mechanical seal is used with quench (unpressurised buffer fluid) for pumps handling hot water and thermal oils to prevent dry running or cracking of the thermal oil when in contact with atmospheric oxygen.

The modular design facilitates installation without assembly fixtures or adjusting dimensions.