4HL Seal ksb
4HL Seal ksb

Applications mechanical seal 4hl

  • Hot water
  • Heat transfer fluids

Design mechanical seal 4hl

  • Single mechanical seal

Technical Data mechanical seal 4hl

  • Operating pressure:
    Up to 40 bar dynamic
    Up to 60 bar static
  • Temperature: -10 °C to 130 °C

Benefits mechanical seal 4hl

Single mechanical seal, bi-directional and balanced. The shaft protecting sleeve is integrated in the mechanical seal.

The materials selected are optimally suited to seawater applications. Springs made of Hastelloy, all metal components made of super duplex steel.

Dynamic design with multi-spring arrangement. The modular design facilitates installation without assembly fixtures or adjusting dimensions.

Compact seal 4hl

Single mechanical seal, tailored to the seal installation space and pump requirements.

Dependable mechanical seal 4hl

Dynamic type, multi-spring arrangement, bi-directional and balanced. Sturdy and practical seal design.

Versatile mechanical seal 4hl

If combined with a suitable pump design, the seal is  suitable for fluid temperatures of up to 350 °C.

Easy to install I mechanical seal 4hl

Standard mechanical seals to EN 12756 would additionally require a shaft sleeve for balancing.
This component is already integrated in mechanical seal type 4HL, resulting in various advantages, also for seal installation.

Easy to install II mechanical seal 4hl

Circumferential groove at the primary ring carrier facilitates setting the axial pre-load of the mechanical seal.


Material seal 4hl

  • Primary ring: “A“ carbon (A) / “B” carbon (B)
  • Mating ring SiC (Q1)
  • Elastomers EPDM (E) / FKM (V)
  • Springs 1.4571 (G)
  • Other Components 1.4122 (E)
    Other material combinations on request

Technical data seal 4hl

  • Operating pressure Up to 40 bar, dynamic
    Up to 60 bar, static
  • Temperature -10 °C to 130 °C
  • Bearing bracket (seal size)
    LP02 (028), LP03 (038), LP04 (048),
    LP05 (060), LP06 (070)
  • Business type Standard (KSB EasySelect)